English Cafe is undoubtedly the first and best destination all English learners could find. We follow first standard learning facilities that makes our students' learning process simple and fast. Our speciality lies in the fact that we create the English learning environment so flexible and easy to follow- learners from all sections, from school students to college goers and employees can easily find time to quench their thirst to learn the most important language of the current global scenario.


  • Skilled & Certified Highly skilled and certified trainers
  • Easy & BestEasy and best online training modules
  • FriendlyCustomized courses and friendly way of teaching
  • I"nnovativeInnovative training methodologies
  • FlexibleFlexible and enjoyable learning environment
  • ExperienceYears of fame and rich in experience
  • AdvancedWe providing Three level of learning courses
  • AvailabilityAvailability of personal tutors to student’s convenience,
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Why Choose Mentor?

No two humans' language level can be compared to be the same. Some know little. Some know loads. And then a few yet, may fall under the intermediary. Here at English Cafe, we bring to our students, a platform with 3 levels of language learning. A platform which will not only enrich your basic grammar and vocabulary, but also the 4 skills of communication, namely: speaking, writing, reading and listening, through an exemplary training by our professional trainers with language expertise.

Level1: Entry

Students who require the building up of a basic foundation in the English language, are categorised and trained in this level. Those struggling to frame even a sentence properly in English, will find themselves adept at writing out excellent essays even, and speaking with fluency and confidence, by the end of their training session with us.

Level2: Secondary

The intermediate level at English Cafe offers to those students, who have got the basic knowledge in the English language, a toehold where from, they can make excellent progress to become nothing short of masters of the said language, and come out of their cocoons of being an "intermediate".

Level3: Advanced

The advanced level at English Cafe does not compromise on perfection, and aims at nothing short of expertise in the language of English. If you are passionate about becoming linguistic geniuses and dream of becoming showstoppers as language divas, our advanced level is your call.

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